Add FireAdditive effect to your Sprite Renderer and Unity UI Canvas Image.

Add it to the Sprite Renderer or Unity UI Canvas Image GameObject via the Components menu2DxFX > Standard > FireAdditive

Note : this effect are not available with advanced Lightning. Because it's obsolete.

*without and with 2DxFX FireAdditive




_Alpha 0 to 1 1f
_Value1 64 to 256 64
_Value2 0 to 2 1
_Value3 0 to 1 1
_Value4 0f to 1f 1.0f
_Value5 0 to 10 0.0f
AutoPlaySpeedY 0f to 50f 5f
AutoRandomRange 0f to 50f 10f

Manipulate FireAdditive by script


// Drag and Drop your Sprite GameObject 
// with the FireAdditive component 
// to your current script on the FX_Standard_FireAdditive field 

public _2dxFX_FireAdditive_Editor FX_FireAdditive; 

void Update() 
	FX_FireAdditive._Alpha =  1f;