The effects are pink and don't work.

To fix that issue, you need to send us an email at support@vetasoft.com with the name of your tested device and some extra informations. All the FX are tested with many devices but, as you may understand, new devices comes everyday. We are here to fix any new issue, so fell free to contact us.

The outline FX doesn't show properly.

Outline use to work on transparency and, for a better result, have empty extra canvas, in order to work correctly. By extra canvas we mean, to enlarge the sprite up down left and right.

Can I have two 2DxFX effects on one of my sprites and use the animator to change between the two or change which one is on for different states?

Yes, you can change between effect, but you can’t use 2 effects a the same time.

Can I change the Shine effect timing ?

With the Shine effect, you can manipulate the curve of the effect, you can for example, add a delay on the beging or at the end, or do whatever you want.

I would like to upgrade to the new version but I am not sure how to do so.

You need to login with your Unity account to the asset store and go to the asset page, you will see a « upgrade » button.

How can I select a color on my sprite using the Color Change ?

If you want to change the skin color, select the skin color (select color),choice the tolerance level (Tolerance) and change the HUE. You should select the color and fix the tolerance of the color, to 0.05 or 0.1

After adding one of the scripts of 2DxFX to a GameObject, for exemple the 2dx FX_Energy Bar, how do I do to invoke a variable EnergyBar through an other script so that I can decrement it's value.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class TestInput : MonoBehaviour
    public _2dxFX_EnergyBar Progres;
    public float bar;
    // Use this for initialization
    void Start ()
    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update ()
        Progres.BarProgress = bar;

Where can we found a sprite sheets complete list ?

Can I edit your script for my game? Like change the fire effect or the lightening effect, or anything else to fit my needs ?

All the FX have parameters, so you can personalize any effect. For exemple, you can easily change the speed or the size of the fire effect.

if you make an upgrade version of the addon, how would I get the new version?

All the minor update are free, to use the new version, you should just to the update as any of other asset. But remember to not move the 2DxFX directory from your projet

Do I need to give you credit?

No, but a little credit is always appreciate :)

Do the Canvas UI work ?

Yes, the Unity canvas UI Image work great with the Standard FX. Canvas UI Image do not work with the advanced lightning (There is no light support by Unity on the Canvas UI)

However, how do i make a sharedmaterial? To create a new material

  • Step 1: Share A material and save draw calls, select your new material that you have manualy created on your project.
  • Step 2: Active the change material property. The change material property will be your master change material. All the change will be made in this gameobject
  • Step 3: Create or duplicate an object and desactive the change material property ( you don't need it because you will use the master change material gameobject for the modification)
  • In other words, the master change material will change all the shared material FX with the same Material name. Useful and save lots of drawcalls !