Add Distortion_Additive effect to your Sprite Renderer and Unity UI Canvas Image.

Add it to the Sprite Renderer or Unity UI Canvas Image GameObject via the Components menu2DxFX > Standard > Distortion_Additive

Note : this effect are not available with advanced Lightning. Because it's obsolete.

*without and with 2DxFX Distortion_Additive




_Alpha 0 to 1 1f
_OffsetX 0f to 128f 10f
_OffsetY 0f to 128f 10f
_DistanceX 0f to 1f 0.03f
_DistanceY 0f to 1f 0.03f
_WaveTimeX 0f to 6.28f 0.16f
_WaveTimeY 0f to 6.28f 0.12f
AutoPlaySpeedX 0f to 5f 5f
AutoPlaySpeedY 0f to 50f 5f
AutoRandomRange 0f to 50f 10f
AutoPlayWaveX true or false false
AutoPlayWaveY true or false false
AutoRandom true or false false

Manipulate Distortion_Additive by script


// Drag and Drop your Sprite GameObject 
// with the Distortion_Additive component 
// to your current script on the FX_Standard_Distortion_Additive field 

public _2dxFX_Distortion_Additive_Editor FX_Distortion_Additive; 

void Update() 
	FX_Distortion_Additive._Alpha =  1f;