Texture Atlas / Sprite Sheets Compatibilities

Effect Name Compatible?
4gradients May work*
blackhole No
blood May work*
blur Yes
burningfx Yes
cartoon Yes
circlefade No
clipping No
color Yes
colorchange Yes
colorrgb Yes
compressionfx May work*
desintegrationfx May work*
destroyedfx May work*
distortion May work*
edgecolor Yes
energybar No
fire May work*
frozen May work*
ghost No
goldenfx Yes
goldfx Yes
grassfx No
grassmultifx No
grayscale Yes
heat Yes
hologram May work*
hologram2 May work*
hologram3 May work*
hsv Yes
ice Yes
icedfx May work*
jelly No
lightning May work*
lightningbolt May work*
liquid No
liquify No
metalfx May work*
mystic_distortion No
negative Yes
noise Yes
noiseanimated Yes
normal Yes
outline No
pattern No
patternadditive No
pixel May work*
pixel8bitsbw May work*
pixel8bitsc64 May work*
pixel8bitsgb May work*
plasmarainbow Yes
plasmashield Yes
posterize Yes
sandfx May work*
sepia Yes
sharpen Yes
shiny_reflect No
skycloud No
slim No
smoke May work*
stonefx May work*
teleportation May work*
threshold Yes
twist No
waterandbackground No
waterandbackgrounddeluxe No
waterfall No
wave No
woodfx May work*

May work* = Depending of the sprites on the single texture. It may work in some cases.


For a better result, use single sprite.

Remember that 2DxFX is to enhanced your sprite and "ADD" FX on it, not to change any Sprite

Renderer system. You should use thoses FX in the good way.

Also, the effect use shaders, that's mean it's of course slower than no effect. If you're planning to use those effect for a mobile game, don't add to many effects on the screen.

Remember to use shared material for a better result.

Great use of 2DxFX = Great Result and Great Performance.

Bad use of 2DxFX = Bad Result and Bad Performance.