Add ColorsAdjust Photo Filters effect to your camera.

Add it to the Camera GameObject via the Components menuCameraFilterPack > ColorsAdjust > Photo Filters

*without and with Camera Filter Pack ColorsAdjust Photo Filters




FadeFX 0f to 1f 1f
Filters Name
Color Adjust Normal, BlueLagoon, BlueMoon, RedWhite NashVille, VintageYellow, GoldenPink, DarkPink, PopRocket, RedSoftLight, YellowSunSet, Walden
WhiteShine, Fluo, MarsSunRise, Amelie, BlueJeans, NightVision, BlueParadise
Blindness Simulation Blindness_Deuteranomaly, Blindness_Protanopia, Blindness_Protanomaly, Blindness_Deuteranopia, Blindness_Tritanomaly, Blindness_Achromatopsia, Blindness_Achromatomaly, Blindness_Tritanopia
Black And White BlackAndWhite_Blue, BlackAndWhite_Green, BlackAndWhite_Orange
BlackAndWhite_Red, BlackAndWhite_Yellow

Manipulate ColorsAdjust Photo Filters by script


// Drag and Drop your Camera GameObject 
// with the ColorsAdjust Photo Filters component 
// to your current script on the CamFX_ColorsAdjust_Photo Filters field 

public CameraFilterPack_Colors_Adjust_PreFilters CamFX_ColorsAdjust_Photo Filters; 

void Update() 
	CamFX_ColorsAdjust_Photo Filters.FadeFX =  1f;