Add 3D Inverse effect to your camera.

3D Inverse use the depth of the scene. You must set the distance to fit with your scene. Use also the _FixDistance in order to fix the scene distance if the scene is big or small.

Add it to the Camera GameObject via the Components menuCameraFilterPack > 3D > Inverse

*without and with Camera Filter Pack 3D Inverse




_FixDistance 0f to 100f 1.5f
_Distance -0.99f to 0.99f 0.4f
_Size 0f to 0.5f 0.5f
LightIntensity 0f to 1f 1f
AutoAnimatedNearSpeed -5f to 5f 0.5f
AutoAnimatedNear true or false false

Manipulate 3D Inverse by script


// Drag and Drop your Camera GameObject 
// with the 3D Inverse component 
// to your current script on the CamFX_3D_Inverse field 

public CameraFilterPack_3D_Inverse CamFX_3D_Inverse; 

void Update() 
	CamFX_3D_Inverse._FixDistance =  1.5f;