Add AAA Blood On Screen effect to your camera.

Add it to the Camera GameObject via the Components menuCameraFilterPack > AAA > Blood On Screen

*without and with Camera Filter Pack AAA Blood On Screen




Blood_On_Screen 0.02f to 1.6f 1f
Blood_Intensify 0 to 2f 0.7f
Blood_Darkness 0f to 2f 0.5f
Blood_Distortion_Speed 0f to 1f 0.25f
Blood_Fade 0 to 1f 1f

Manipulate AAA Blood On Screen by script


// Drag and Drop your Camera GameObject 
// with the AAA Blood On Screen component 
// to your current script on the CamFX_AAA_Blood On Screen field 

public CameraFilterPack_AAA_BloodOnScreen CamFX_AAA_Blood On Screen; 

void Update() 
	CamFX_AAA_Blood On Screen.Blood_On_Screen =  1f;