Add Blend 2 Camera PhotoshopFilters effect to your camera.

Add it to the Camera GameObject via the Components menuCameraFilterPack > Blend 2 Camera > PhotoshopFilters




SwitchCameraToCamera2 0f to 1f 0f
BlendFX 0f to 1f 0.5f
Filters Name
Photoshop Darken, Multiply, ColorBurn, LinearBurn, DarkerColor, Lighten, Screen, ColorDodge, LinearDodge, LighterColor, Overlay, SoftLight, HardLight, VividLight, LinearLight, PinLight, HardMix, Difference, Exclusion, Subtract, Divide, Hue, Saturation, Color, Luminosity

Manipulate Blend 2 Camera PhotoshopFilters by script


// Drag and Drop your Camera GameObject 
// with the Blend 2 Camera PhotoshopFilters component 
// to your current script on the CamFX_Blend 2 Camera_PhotoshopFilters field 

public CameraFilterPack_Blend2Camera_PhotoshopFilters CamFX_Blend2Camera_PhotoshopFilters; 

void Update() 
	CamFX_Blend2Camera_PhotoshopFilters.SwitchCameraToCamera2 =  0f;